Our Story


A family run business, Isabelle Soh started out with Mill Creek Cafe 10 years ago taking it from a small coffee shop to a culinary destination. This February Belle purchased Cafe Haven and started adding her touch to there already tasty menu. Her son Greg is her right hand man at the Mill Creek location with her daughter Erica and her new son-in-law Dan at Cafe Haven. Just like at Mill Creek everything is home made from the oven roasted turkeys to our amazing fruit pies. And of course everything is locally sourced. Local beers, Transcend coffee, Irving farms Ham the list goes on. With live music, great food, wonderful coffee and amazing patrons, Cafe Haven has been a wonderful new adventure. We can’t wait to continue and build onto the amazing Cafe that Michael and Julie Harvey started .

For the Coffee

We have some of the most sought-after coffees in the world sourced and roasted in Edmonton by Transcend Coffee. Visit www.transcendcoffee.ca for more information.

For the Catering

We offer platters for small get togethers right through to catering large private parties at your desired location. Whatever your needs, get in touch and we'll figure out a way to make your event perfect.

For the Food

Our food is simple and tasty. Where possible we use local suppliers, from Irvings Farm Fresh ham to Viking Colony's chicken. We source local when in season and bake much of our offering in-house. Every weekend we change up the offering with a wicked brunch.